The Cinema Connoisseur – Vol 1-Issue 6

The Cinema Connoisseur – Vol 1-Issue 6
The Cinema Connoisseur – Vol 1-Issue 6

Aloha Friends and Fellow Cinema Connoisseurs,

I get excited every time we get to share insight into our unique community, and the release of The Cinema Connoisseur Issue 6 is no different.

Issue 6 is releasing just as we celebrate so much of what makes Luxury Private Cinema unique at CEDIA Expo 2023. What a wonderful opportunity to connect, learn and grow our private cinema community! Check out the Cinema Currents feature and jump into the excitement of the Expo. Even more exciting, catch a glimpse into the future of our organization that celebrates so many components of the Luxury Private Cinema community. The Cinema Connoisseur will be there, and I cannot wait to connect with you all!

Our Cinema Sommelier review of Avatar: The Way of Water, in collaboration with Kaleidescape, provides unique director insights into breakthrough techniques implemented to create realistic visual detail and deliver believable performances in green screen environments.

Walk alongside a young couple as they take the journey to create their own perfect Cinema Story and disengage from busyness to reunite with loved ones in a little piece of Europe right in the middle of their Southern California French-inspired chateau.

Discover how one man’s love for our industry sparks generational Cinema Inspiration as we step back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. We determine the impact of an individual’s love for all things cinema and his passion for sharing that love with others. Step into the exquisitely-designed theater, settle into your luxurious seats and let the stories unfold.

Lights, camera, action! Come celebrate the often unsung heroes of film as we listen to award-winning artists share their love for the sights, sounds, scores and more that impact our lives. Film, the 7th Art in Cinema Intelligence.

Please enjoy our distinctive publication and become inspired to gather together with your loved ones and other cinema connoisseurs to celebrate our bond through film.

A Hui Ho,